FAQ for Slogans / Unofficial Merch

Under the “Slogans / Unofficial Merch” shop, we will post Slogans & unofficial merch by GOM so that you can browse all the available GOs on the go!!!:)

How it works:
1) You browse through our shop listing and add the item(s) you want to purchase to your cart
2) You make your payment
(Please Please check the deadline of the GO before making payment!!!)
3) We receive your order
4) We submit your order(s) to the respective GOM
5) GOM will send you your item(s) via mailing / meet up^^

What does the additional charges mean?
1) Paypal Fees from you to me
2) Paypal Fees from me to GOM (if any)
3) EMS Fees / Mailing Fees by GOM

In the event of any refund (due to GO cancelled, extra charges from you), we will refund back into your account’s balance:)